The research group at Linnaeus University

The group is located at the Växjö campus in the beautiful region of Småland in southern Sweden.

The website of the Astroparticle Physics research group on the University pages can be found here while the website managed by the research group is:

Yvonne Becherini

Associate Professor in Physics at Linnaeus University
Group leader and Principal Investigator of ALTO.

Michael Punch

CNRS researcher on leave of absence at Linnaeus University
Hardware development, electronics, Very High Energy Astronomy.

Staffan Carius

Professor in Physics and Dean of the Faculty of Technology

Jean-Pierre Ernenwein

Professor at the University of Marseille & Invited Guest Professor at Linnaeus University
Hardware development & testing, electronics, simulations.

Satyendra Thoudam

Former assistant researcher at Linnaeus University now back in India.
Cosmic-ray physics, Monte Carlo simulations and analysis.

Mohanraj Senniappan

PhD student
Background discrimination, Monte Carlo simulations.

Tomas Bylund

PhD student
Energy reconstruction through Neural Networks, High Performance Computing.

Sotirios Ilias Tsivras

Bachelor thesis student
Thesis: “ALTO Timing Calibration: Calibration of the ALTO detector array based on cosmic-ray simulations“.