Collaborations with research institutes in the public sector

We currently collaborate or discuss the ALTO project with researchers from institutes coming from:

  • the APC Laboratory in Paris (France)
  • Aix-Marseille University (France)
  • Hamburg University (Germany)
  • INAF Astronomical Observatory of Brera (Italy)
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden)

Collaborations with the private sector

We collaborate with the Swedish industry for the delivery of the ALTO prototype. In particular we work with TBS Yard AB company based in Torsås (Småland, Sweden).

Collaborations with other research groups or centres at Linnaeus University

The ALTO group is also part of the Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications  (DISA) where we collaborate with groups coming from other disciplines about “Big data” applications. Our research topic within DISA is called Data Intensive Astroparticle Physics.

During the period 2015-2017 we have being supported by the Linnaeus Technical Centre.