Photomultipliers installed in the water tanks and work on electronics and network ongoing


This weekend we took advantage of the absolute calm of the campus to install the photomultipliers in the (empty) tanks.

Everything went well, Michael and Jean-Pierre succeeded in positioning the devices and install all the cables for the signals, for the slow-control, for the power.

In the meantime we are setting up all the electronics and network needed to control and analyse the signals from our control room in Building D.

We expect to start filling with water as soon as we have tested everything with air-Cherenkov signals.

Here are some pictures, note that we are supported by an excellent weather!

The first picture below shows Michael and Jean-Pierre closing the manhole after having been inside the first tank; they had already removed the white cover they had to avoid polluting the tank inside.


The second picture below shows the photomultiplier installed at the centre of the tank with the cable going up. We already tested the whole photomultiplier setup in a large water container in our laboratory to be sure of its water tightness.

Water tanks arrived at prototype site at Linnaeus University!


Finally the large Cherenkov detectors arrived at the prototype site at Linnaeus University today. It took about one hour to put them in place. Everything went really well. Now we need to instrument them with the photomultipliers and the electronics, lots of work still ahead!

Today it was a real milestone for the project :)


ALTO Cherenkov tanks - water resistance test in progress


The large Cherenkov tanks are ready and they are now being filled with water for a first medium-term water resistance test at TBS Yard AB in Torsås.

In the picture, from left to right: Satyendra, Michael, Tomas and Mohanraj who visited the facility on April the 5th, 2018.

The expected delivery date for the large tanks on the prototype site is around mid-April and we are getting really excited about it!


ALTO concrete structure ready - now waiting for Cherenkov tanks


Finally the concrete structure is ready and soon we will be able to transport and put the big (empty) water tanks on it!

In the meanwhile, the first ALTO water tank is getting ready for the final water resistance tests in Torsås. Note the colour we have chosen for the big tanks - the "Falun red" - the paint which historically originates from copper mines in Falun (Dalarna region) and which is used for painting wooden houses in Sweden.

Second picture is provided by TBS Yard AB, the first one is by Yvonne :)


2018-02-26 red_tank_IIjpg

Ready to pour the concrete slab!


We are surprised on how quick the construction of the concrete structure is proceeding. Good to know! Now the workers are ready to pour the final concrete slab in four hexagonal shapes. :)


Prototype construction proceeding at an amazing speed!


We are proceeding at an amazing speed! The concrete feet supporting the water tanks are also ready! Next week the company will produce the "tables" on which we will then place the big tanks. In the picture, Michael is profiting from a momentary absence of the workers to stand in the middle of the structure. :)


Ground preparation & underground concrete base both finished

Despite the huge load of snow, the ground preparation has proceeded smoothly and is now finished.

The underground concrete base is ready, next step is the construction of the concrete pillars and the water tank concrete bases.

In parallel, the construction of the water tanks is ongoing at TBS Yard AB in Torsås, see picture below.

2018-01-19 153410jpg

First carbon fibre panel for the ALTO water tanks is infused at TBS Yard AB


Here are some updates on the ALTO prototype construction in Växjö :)

The first panel in carbon fibre which will be used for the construction of the ALTO water tanks is infused and ready at TBS Yard in Torsås. In total 6 of these panels will be produced for the two water tanks. Each panel is going to be cut in pieces to form the hexagonal shape of our tank.

Here is a picture from Lars Tedehammar, CEO of TBS Yard AB.

2017-11-06 First_infused_ALTO_paneljpg