Scintillators taking data together with the Cherenkov detectors


Waiting for the final large ALTO scintillator detectors which we now ordered, in order to do some tests, we equipped the prototype site with smaller plastic and liquid scintillators recycled from another older experiment in France.

Here below in the picture Jean-Pierre and Satyendra are installing a liquid scintillator box (in grey) at the top of one water tank. Below the concrete structure you can see a second liquid scintillator box (still in grey).

This setup allows us, for example, to recognize the passage of a single muon from a particle cascade, so that we can check if the signals that we generate in our simulations agree with what we see in the real data. The other water tank is now equipped with small-size plastic scintillators.


Here below you can see two events hitting the prototype.

The first event is an enormous particle cascade giving signals in all 6 channels (two water tanks, two liquid scintillators, two plastic scintillators):


The second event on the right is a muon hitting vertically only the tank equipped with the liquid scintillators: