First air-Cherenkov coincidence event between ALTO tanks with the full DAQ chain!


Today Jean-Pierre and Michael installed all the Data Acquisition System (DAQ) in our electronics box and the network has been connected by the IT at the University. So finally at about 18:00 CET we were able to see the first signals coming from the ALTO tanks in our control room.

These signals are generated from the passage of relativistic particles present in the atmospheric showers which enter inside the ALTO tanks. The passage of these particles in the air contained in the tanks generates Cherenkov light which is then detected by our photomultipliers positioned at the bottom.

Now we are able to control everything from the control room and next big step is the filling of the tanks with water!

The plot shows a coincident event, i.e. an event seen at the same time in both tanks, 0 and 1 being the preliminary names of our channels. The X axis is the time in nanoseconds and the Y axis represents the number of millivolts measured in the photomultipliers.

Signals coming from the Cherenkov tanks. At this step signals are generated in the air inside the tank.