Photomultipliers installed in the water tanks and work on electronics and network ongoing


This weekend we took advantage of the absolute calm of the campus to install the photomultipliers in the (empty) tanks.

Everything went well, Michael and Jean-Pierre succeeded in positioning the devices and install all the cables for the signals, for the slow-control, for the power.

In the meantime we are setting up all the electronics and network needed to control and analyse the signals from our control room in Building D.

We expect to start filling with water as soon as we have tested everything with air-Cherenkov signals.

Here are some pictures, note that we are supported by an excellent weather!

The first picture below shows Michael and Jean-Pierre closing the manhole after having been inside the first tank; they had already removed the white cover they had to avoid polluting the tank inside.


The second picture below shows the photomultiplier installed at the centre of the tank with the cable going up. We already tested the whole photomultiplier setup in a large water container in our laboratory to be sure of its water tightness.