First carbon fibre panel for the ALTO water tanks is infused at TBS Yard AB


Here are some updates on the ALTO prototype construction in Växjö :)

The first panel in carbon fibre which will be used for the construction of the ALTO water tanks is infused and ready at TBS Yard in Torsås. In total 6 of these panels will be produced for the two water tanks. Each panel is going to be cut in pieces to form the hexagonal shape of our tank.

Here is a picture from Lars Tedehammar, CEO of TBS Yard AB.

2017-11-06 First_infused_ALTO_paneljpg

July 2017 - ICRC 2017 presentations done!


We presented the ALTO project at the ICRC2017 in Busan (South Korea) in a talk and in a poster and now we are relaxing a bit before the construction of the prototype.

Our two contributions were the first two made in a big international cosmic-ray conference. Next scheduled presentations at conferences will be at Astronomdagarna 2017 in Kiruna and at the Texas Symposium in Cape Town. You can download the material of our presentations from the page called "Presentations & Articles" on our website.

We are still waiting for the building permit, so the construction of the prototype will not not start before August... stay tuned!