A project to build a wide-field and high-altitude gamma-ray observatory

in the southern hemisphere

- developed in Småland (Sweden) -

ALTO is the name given by the Astroparticle Physics group at
Linnaeus University (Linnéuniversitetet) in Växjö (Småland, Sweden) to a project which aims to build a wide-field Very-High-Energy gamma-ray observatory at high-altitude in the southern hemisphere.

The figure to the right is a simple sketch of a cosmic gamma-ray (in pink) interacting in the atmosphere and giving rise to a "cascade" of particles in the atmosphere which can be detected by devices installed on the ground (black squares).

Currently the ALTO project is in the design study phase and soon the project will enter the prototyping phase.

For any enquiry about the project, contact the project leader Yvonne Becherini.